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  • Greater Commisions

    Partners receive up to 25% commissions via direct payouts, and 45% commissions via website credit from referrals!

  • Custom Discounts

    Receive huge discounts, and even free services to help get your Hytale community on top of the charts!

  • Custom Partner Codes

    Share your earnings with your fanbase by creating your own fully customizable promo code to encourage future signups.

  • Prioritized Support

    Receive access to our private Discord server for the best possible support available as long as you remain a partner!

  • Buytale Enterprise

    Get lifetime access to Buytale's all-inclusive 'Enterprise' plan to maximize your Hytale server's revenue potential.

  • Priority Server Access

    Choose any server location you want! Regardless of whether or not it's out of stock, we'll make room for you.

Our Partners

We collaborate with some of the most well-known people in the community!

  • Buytale


    Buytale is pioneering game server monetization in the brand new Sandbox MMO, Hytale.

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  • Hytale Bot

    Hytale Bot

    Get the latest Hytale blog posts, host giveaways, welcome new members, collect donations, and much more!

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  • Hytale Hub

    Hytale Hub is a brand new community forums website created for all Hytale fans.

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  • Hytale Names

    Hytale Names

    Find out if your desired Hytale Name has been claimed or reserved, and see who owns specific Hytale Account Names.

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