Hytale News, Network Updates, & More

  • 4 May, 2021 is a brand new, independent Hytale Server Hosting website which is seeking to provide future services for Hytale players and Hytale server owners once Hytale releases sometime later in 2021.

    Our team consists of a dedicated group of industry experts and avid Hytale enthusiasts spearheading the movement to bring innovative Game server hosting to Hytale! We've incorporated only the best aspects of what comprises a truly great server host - reliability, affordability, simplicity.

    We offer cutting-edge technology, 24/7 support, and enterprise quality hosting solutions at a fraction of the regular market price. Join us, and let's discover the world of Hytale together!

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  • Hytale recently gave us another look at player interaction in what appears to be a small player-built village. The look and feel of this seems very similar to the "Towny" gamemode in Minecraft. Unlike with Minecraft however, Hytale will allow players to interact directly with one another via a unique peer-to-peer connection.

    Will you create your own village when Hytale releases and invite your friends over to hang out?

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